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Name of School(s) for Internship

The following co-operating schools are associated with the college for its practice Teaching programme:

1. RajkiyaKrit Raghunandan Seth High school, Singhiaghat, Samastipur- 848236
2. Sri Dana Singh Kuswaha Girl’s High school, Singhiaghat, Samastipur- 848236
3. Laddu Lal  +2 High school, Sirsi, Bibhutipur, Samastipur- 848236
4. Janardan Prasad Narayan Singh High school,Narhan, Samastipur- 848236
5. Rani Raj Kishori Girl’s  High school,Ramgadh,Narhan, Samastipur- 848236
6. Rashnandan High school, Samartha, Samastipur- 848236
7. RajkiyaKrit  High school, Mishraulia, Samastipur- 848236
8. Indrawati RajkiyaKrit  High school, Sakhmohan, Samastipur- 848236
9. High school, Chakhabbib, Samastipur- 848236

10. RajkiyaKrit  High school, Rashopur, Samastipur- 848236
11. Ishwari  High school, Tabhka, Bibhutipur, Samastipur- 848236
12. Upgraded High school, Mustafapur, Samastipur- 848236
13. Pariyajna Girl’s High school, Dashrathpur,Mansurchak, Begusarai.
14. Upgraded  High school, Patailia,Desri, Samastipur- 848236
15. Kishan  High school,Tara bariyarpur, Begusarai.

16. Sri Durga High school, Meghaul,Begusarai.

17. Pariyojna Girl’s  High school, , Meghaul,Begusarai.
18. Utkarmit High School, Kapan

19. Utkarmit Higher Secondary School, Manaraya Tol

20. High school Khadiyahi